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Shepherd Bushiri Ministries Exclusive

Why some get healed and others not.

Former President of Malawi in Service

Diplomatic LIVE UPDATE

The story of the dead boy coming back to life


ECG 5th Year Celebrations
Prophet Bushiri in Malawi with new Shepherd Bushiri Aircraft


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has successfully landed in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi with his new aircraft. Tomorrow he and his prophetic team will fly to Mzuzu where the main event will take place. Pray that you will be connected and…

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Couple Healed from HIV
Happy Birthday Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Bible Study

During Elijah’s time, there were many widows in Israel but God didn’t send Elijah to anyone except a widow at Zarephath in…
God is still speaking Today.
Breakthrough Covenant Partnership
Firstfruits — Opening the Door to Your Miracle!