Misheck Charles Banda
Financial Controller
When Mr Banda is involved, then excellence is guaranteed. He is one of the most learned personnel and has attended some of Africa's best Universities including University of South Africa. He is happily married with 3 kids. He is the brains behind Prophetic Exposure and works hand in hand with the productions team. Also familiar with Graphics and Designs and is the hands behind most of Prophetic Channel and the Prophet's graphics.
Melody Dzingai
Nationality: Zimbabwean Write Up: Sometimes, words simply fail to pronounce some individuals. No single adjective is good enough to describe the talent that is in this exquisite Prophetic Channel Presenter. Perhaps lexicons should take a year to come up with just one word to define her outstanding qualities and incomparability. Full of Motherly love to all (Not that she has a child of her own), Melody Dzingai is simply an illustration of an “Angel born human.” She also founded Melody Visionary Trust, a charity organization that is already doing more than enough to help poor people especially the blind. She is indeed a daughter of Major.
George Chirwa
Nationality: Malawian Write Up: Don't judge a book by its cover. Truly, this simple looking man is just amazing with technical work. From Cable connections to transmission. He is simply a blessing to the team. He also worked with top South African companies as a Technician dealing with high level jobs
Wisdom Kaludzu
Nationality: Malawian Humility and creativity forms part and parcel for Mr Kaludzu's gifts. He is one of the longest serving members of Prophetic Channel and has pioneered a lot of positive change at the network.
Emmanuel Makawa
Nationality: Malawian Write Up: If you know talent, then it cant take ages for you to identify greatness in this young man. The brains behind Prophetic Flavour and the hands that do final video mixing of Prophetic Channel LIVE services. Currently based in South Africa and forms the skeletal part of Prophetic Channel Team.
Kelvin Sulugwe
Nationality: Malawian Write Up: A journalist by professional, Mr Sulugwe is probably one of the best budding young writers who has recently launched his first booklet titled "Life is a journey - March Edition."Southern Africa knows him; especially Malawi. A voice that unveils exclusive issues. His presence is an integration to the team. He has over 5 years experience working in the media and understands to the fullest media management, social media and public relations practice. Currently based in South Africa and also heading the yet to be launched Prophetic Magazine.